Monday, October 16, 2006

Apples, Picking

Apple Picking Librarians are hotSome of you might wonder what a librarian who has become More Northern™ does on the weekend.

I found myself apple picking. Found isn't quite the right word. Prepared is a better word. You see gentle reader, the Well Dressed Librarian tries to live a genteel life. Please don't confuse that with a gentile life. At any rate, being More Northern™ does give one the opportunity to enjoy nature in cultured ways: picking apples, riding horses, and sipping warm, slightly alcoholic beverages in front of a fireplace.

One of the first things to note when apple picking is what to wear. A Well Dressed Librarian does not wear a winter jacket and big wooly mittens. Layer yourself. In the reference photo I've provided you with, you can observe a black wool flat cap, 2 button tweed jacket, scarf, and vest. What you can't see is the cardigan under that, and the argyle sweater with tartan plaid tie under that.

Dark, fitted jeans with thermals. Classic black and tan Steve Madden sneakers, and of course, black leather gloves. The sunglasses keep you from being recognized by adoring fans.

As you can see here, I had removed a glove to inspect a Northern Spy apple. Always a librarian, looking for the smallest details. You can also note here that I look slightly annoyed that a cold breeze had blown on my ears.

Alas, the Well Dressed Librarian has large ears. A fault I hope others find endearing. Perhaps they have adapted themselves from listening so much. I may never know.

Also note, that a stray twig had landed on the shoulder of my grey tweed jacket. Obviously, I worked very hard to pick the apples that I picked.

After a long day of worrying that I'd worn the wrong thing apple picking - thinking perhaps I should have been a bit more wooly than tweedy - I attended a cocktail party moments after I arrived back. I wore my apple picking clothes to the cocktail party.

Toute la Rage!!

Moral of this blog: An apple a day does not keep the librarian away

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