Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sedaris, Amy

I Like YouI would be seriously remiss in not suggesting that you buy this book for every hostess in your life.

This book is amusing and funny, and filled with lot of recipes that can be used for parties. It is also lavishly illustrated with photographs and sketches.

Ms. Sedaris admits that she included many pictures, so even the illiterates can enjoy it.

Sections on Entertaining blue-hairs (in large print), entertaining children (give a wrapped cabbage to a two year old, they have no idea what you gave them anyway), a section on what to cook for & how to treat people who are grieving (suggestions include never saying "It was bound to happen sooner or later"), and how to and how not to introduce people at a party (This is Tammy. She can't have children.)

The dust jacket is actually a center fold poster of Amy herself, all covered in sprinkles.

Moral of this blog: I highly recommend this book. Not intended for young audiences.

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