Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Advice, Motherly

Refreshingly UglySometimes, a boy is just at a loss. There comes a time when one must admit defeat, and call ones mother. A recent phone call recounted for your pleasure.

WDL: "So how do you do it?"
Mom: "Well, I just take it off slowly, a little at a time."
WDL: "Do you ever have problems?"
Mom: "Well, you just have to keep it wet."
WDL: "How wet? Really wet? Or just kind of wet?"
Mom: "Well, do you want it to come off easily? Or do you want to work on it all night?"
WDL: "I'd work on it all night if I had to, but my fingers are getting sore - I must be doing it wrong."
Mom: "Have you tried rubbing it with fabric softner?"
WDL: "Lady, at this point, I've tried everything. I'm ready to hire a professional, and watch him do it 'til I figure it out."
Mom: "That's a waste of money. Listen to me, I've been stripping for longer than you've been alive. Keep it wet, and you'll have it taken care of in a few hours."
WDL: "I'm ready to give up."
Mom: "Well, maybe you should run a knife over it a few times. I've done that - it seems to help..."
WDL: "HEY! It is working! I have to put the phone down, I think this is going to be a big piece - YEAH! It's HUGE!!"

Moral of this blog: I hate removing wallpaper.

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