Friday, November 24, 2006

VI, Thanksgiving

This is so moistAgain, Thanksgiving has arrived. My house is full of sleeping guests. Now that I am More Northern ™ the guests don't just show up on Thanksgiving, eat, and go home. They fly here - and sleep in my beautiful war era 5 bedroom home.

My Mother flew in, and we spent the evening before Thanksgiving making pies, talking, and generally taking too many coffee and cigarette breaks. Though both of us did look tremendous in aprons.

This year, with all the guests sound asleep, I was able to reflect on the fact that this was a great year to be thankful. No nonsense about it - it has been a rough road giving up everything familiar, buying a house in a far away state, starting a new job, trying to convince new people that I really do know what the hell I am talking about - but it all ended up working. And it is fun knowing that my Mother is already up and making coffee - one less thing to do.

Thanksgiving was perfect again this year, down to the vintage table clothes and candlesticks. I used brown and maroon orchids mixed with mums this year for quite a dramatic effect. I wanted this post to be funny, filled with amusing anecdotes - but finally - it was the Thanksgiving that even I couldn't have scripted to be more perfect.

And the wine was good too. All 20 something bottles of it.

Moral of this blog: Thanks.

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