Monday, August 21, 2006

Signals, smoke

Dearest Loyal fans, I am still alive and kicking in the world of librarianship.

I have settled into my new home, unpacked, landscaped my front yard, and today started my new job.

I have not forsaken my blog, only found that there were not enough hours in the day to do everything I needed to do.

I have also realized a few things: hairdressers for old people make a killing. I'm not kidding. I was recently talking to a new dear friend at a wedding, and she mentioned that "Granny got her hair done next door" to the restaraunt we were waiting for our food to arrive (ps it took an hour and half). He starts at 5 am, and does four heads an hour until 9 pm. At $25 a head, 6 days a week, that is not a bad living setting a bunch of blue hairs up for a week of beauty.

I have also realized that people think that you can not see them when they are driving. People pick their noses, eat, scold children, weave recklessly in and out of lanes, and run red lights all the time. Astounding that I never noticed this before.

I have also realized that I hate lifting furniture. Especially large pieces of furniture, like china cabinets.

I have also realized that I can survive with only 7 sets of china - I sold two at a garage sale before I moved. One woman told me she thought our garage sale was like a "porch boutique". Isn't that quaint?

I have also realized that I hate all employees of the DMV. They were mean to me, and I am a very sweet, personable, and slightly charitable person. I like kittens. And they were mean to me. I would digress, but I think that everyone hates everyone who works at the DMV. OK, the counter people, not the behind the scene folks.

That wasn't really less offensive was it? OK, I stick to my original statement. I hate them all.

I am eager to dive into my new job. Adult services Librarian, and my off desk duty? Public Relations. Oh yeah. How excellent is that?

Moral of this blog: New beginnings can be scarey and exciting at the same time.