Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dressed, Getting

Best costume for the DayAs one can probably imagine, getting dressed for me is an ordeal. One may look at me and think "My goodness, he is so put together", but few people realize that being in the public eye is hard. Some people are willing to waltz into the workplace wearing little more than a house jacket and slippers. I, on the other hand, have placed an extreme pressure on myself to look not only good, but impeccable. This is not only challenging, but at times upsetting, when I realize that the ascot I want to wear is at the dry cleaners, or the bowtie I like has a speck of red wine (that only I would notice) on it.

This morning for instance, I was hard pressed with what I had on. After I had changed cufflinks twice, ironed 3 pairs of trousers, and chose to wear a pair that was already hanging up, and then had the great cardigan/sports coat hunt. This is trying - really trying.

I finished finally, after 35 minutes - a very sharp, British school boy look. A navy and yellow striped tie, with a brushed silver tie bar. A white french cuff shirt, with blue cufflinks, a navy cardigan and and khakis. Completed with patent leather cordovan shoes & matching belt.

This was the process after eyebrows, moisturizer, hair (always hair last), and a once over of fragrance. I still after all these years recommend Happy for Men by Clinique. Then the hair one more time. A few pieces have to be strategically pomaded. And best, the pomade smells faintly of orange sorbet. Mmm. Delicious. But not too delicious. I want them to look, not touch. Or taste.

All for the public. I have to make these sacrifices.

Are these details lost? In our profession, isn't it the details that count?

As above pictured Edie would say "This is the best costume for the day."

A few gentle reminders to my dear readers:

*Bathe daily. This washes yesterdays grime away. Use warm water in the shower, not hot. It dries the skin.
*Moisturize. Even the bits no one sees. Our jobs are arid - and we touch lots of paper. Do this when you get out of the shower.
*Simple style. Save the special glittered, sequined, and themed sweaters for Mardi Gras.
*Geek chic is hot. Glasses, and well fitted sweaters and trousers keep the customers attention - OK, not really, but you look tremendous.
*Style is individual - find yours. What do you want to look like? What's stopping you? If you want to look like a renaissance princess, that is understandable - I would stop you too.
*Your shoes and belt should match at the very least.
*Accessorize. Don't whine and say "But I crawl around with kids all day" - you are their role model. If you want them to think looking like a schlub is OK in public, then go ahead- set your example, however flawed I may judge it to be.
*People silently judge you. At least I think people silently judge me. It makes me feel better to think they do it to you too.
*Comfortable clothes can be stylish - so don't even TRY to sell that one to me. I know better.
*Be inspired: This image puts me in the mood to dress the nines each day. I have a small post card on my dresser behind my cufflink boxLovers in a paris Cafe

Moral of this blog: Yes. I do get up at 5 AM.

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