Friday, January 11, 2008

Jackets, Lab

Very chic Lab JacketOften, adoring fans have asked me "How do you look so good all the time?" as if my job consisted of nothing more than sipping hot coffee and having the occasional cigarette. My job is dirty work. Building a library from a completely donated collection is dirty work. Much dirtier than I anticipated.

So, I invested in a white lab jacket. Now I can clean my library, organize, move boxes - and still wear french cuffs, and a necktie. I will not mislead you, a sports coat is very uncomfortable under a lab jacket - I do advise that one hang the sports coat up.

I have made my lab jacket even classier by sporting a lapel pin with my organization's logo. I am clearly identifiable as the librarian, and as a member of my hot Museum.

I do suggest that the lab jacket be washed when soiled, to prevent staining. And nothing says sophistication like a bleached white, ironed lab jacket over a snappy vest, collared shirt and bow tie.

The pockets are useful to carry a pad and pen, so you can multitask while tidying up the library.

I advise that this is most appropriate for special libraries, it may cause consternation in a public or academic setting. You may also have elderly people approach you for flu shots.

Moral of this blog: The Lab Jacket is a 2008 must for the Well Dressed Librarian

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