Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mouth, Put it in my

Librarians licking hot kittyThis image is courtesy of WDMother. I have to confess that it is by far my favorite picture of me as a baby because:

a:My nose was caught at a good angle (even though it may or maynot be the same nose I have today)
b:I'm totally wearing little Converse sneakers
c:I was licking a kitten.
d:I look good in green
e:I had fantastic hair even as a child

Wait. Did I say licking a kitten? Perhaps this explains my aversion to this activity even today. I digress.

When I was little, I loved kittens. I loved them so much, I wanted to help the Mama cat take care of her babies.

Perhaps, to this day, being a care taker is who I am meant to be. Assisting and helping people do the things they do. Only now, I don't lick their children. Unless those children happen to be my age, rather attractive, and gay.

Now, I work in a special library, and help special people. Is that what it is? Public Libraries help the public, Academic Libraries help Academians, ergo, I help special people. Only not like "special olympic" people, because I think these books are too hard for them.

Was that mean? Probably. Anyway.

Moral of this blog: Licking kitties will make you into a Gay Librarian.

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