Monday, February 11, 2008

Wounds, Head

and it hurts like a bitchI totally just cut my head on the photocopier.

"what?" you cry in disbelief "how did you ever do such a thing?"

Well, Thank G-d, I'm ready to tell you.

The copier kept jamming. I finally realized what was wrong, and while squatting down to take out the offending sheet of paper, and make a small adjustment - I pulled on a lever, anticipating the toner cartridge would come out. Instead, the door swung back and bashed me in my delicate, olive complected temple.

It hurt, so I just looked in the mirror. To my horror, I actually broke the skin! I had blood on my temple! Oh My G-d! I'm going to be scarred for life.

Moral of this blog: Beware of photocopiers. They all hate Jews.

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