Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Breast, Robin Red

Big, pert BreastsToday, on my drive to work in my large SUV, on a winding road that wraps one of the largest cemeteries in the city of Chicago, I came to a stop at a stop sign.

And there, with its head cocked to the side was the first Robin I saw in 2008.

"WDL" you say to yourself "is this really worth writing about?" To this I can only reply "Shut your pie hole."

Of course it is worth writing about, because it reminds me of so many other things I call "yearly firsts."

One of the yearly firsts that we as librarians can look forward to is the cataloging backlog. Finally, our fine men and women in cataloging get caught up, as we spend out our year end budgets. With strained eyes, due to a lack of natural light, they take up their laser wands, bar code and catalog each book. They finally get down to one wagon of books to work from - and then the ritual "we finished it" pot luck, complete with crockpot cooked nibblies. And then the new budget is approved, and once again, the librarians begin spending like crazy, meth-addicted, Baker and Taylor whores. And so another cycle ends.

One of the other firsts I look forward too is in the complaints department. While these never really stop, the special one is always the first complaint of the year. Usually it has something to do with bad parking, a rude paraprofessional, a librarian that didn't quite address your honor students needs. I like these, because I can use my new letter head, and enclose a business card. And solace the masses with deep and slightly feigned remorse about their experience.

I also look forward to the first day I can just wear a sports coat to work. While I look incredible in my camel colored wool overcoat, complete with tortoise buttons - it is still a relief to walk out of the house with dress shoes and a sports coat on. Taking this a step further, I look forward to the first day I can wear seersucker. This requires much warmer weather, and a light breeze. While I do like the original blue, I admit I look better in tan seersucker. It flatters the complexion.

Honestly, I also look forward to the first long weekend. We all do. Like that first cup of coffee in the morning, that last cigarette at night - it is just short of delish.

I also look forward to the first person I meet at a function (isn't that a fun word?)who is a)surprised b)shocked c)curious about my sexuality. The questions people ask astound me. My favorite question is "Does it hurt?" I'm pretty sure I know what they mean, but am still shocked each time someone asks. I much prefer people to be shocked that I'm a librarian. No one ever asks me if that hurts. Though, sometimes it does. Be shocked that I'm liberal. Be shocked that I wear plaid mixed with argyle. Don't be shocked that I have kissed a man. Men. whatevs. You get the picture.

And my favorite first, seeing the first lily of the valley. I always pick a sprig, and press it in my journal. This goes back years and years. I've been journaling since high school, and I can flip back and find the first one. It was my Grandmother's favorite flower. Often, in spring, she'd dig up a clump and put them in a tea cup on the kitchen table. Hmmm. That is a nice thought. It makes me happy just recounting it.

And of course, spring cleaning. That goes without saying, and merits a post of its own.

Moral of this blog: All the birds of the air fell a-sighing and a-sobbing,
When they heard the bell toll for poor Cock Robin.

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