Monday, March 17, 2008

Day, St. Patrick's

Hotty McHot!
Erin Go Bra-lessCan I say enough about Holiday Themed Clothing ™? I will answer that question for you.


I decided to keep it simple, as I encourage all librarians to do. A tightly patterend green shirt, that almost looks solid - with a great piece of neckwear. This one was landed at Brooks Brothers. The dark green stripe was just enough to say "I can read the calendar, but this is all you're getting out of me."

Why why why? you think "Does he go on and on about clothing?"

a)This is called the Well Dressed Librarian, so SURPRISE!!
b)We can't pin our degrees to our chests, people need to take us seriously for other reasons
c)I hate looking at poorly dressed people
d)I hate looking at poorly dressed librarians
e)I'm trying to help, in a non-obtrusive way. If you are reading this and don't like it, there are millions of other things to do instead. Like read my old posts.

I keep reading and reading about the deterioration of our profession. Has the deterioration started from within? Or is it something external? Who knows. My vote is from within. And I am unanimous.

Last week, I had the honor of attending a major gala for my organization. One of the things I heard several times that evening was "Wow. You don't look like a librarian!"

What does that mean exactly? I've been thinking of it over and over again in my pretty little head. Does it mean that they want me to be a graying middle aged woman? Does it mean they want me to be wearing things from the Comfort Zone™? Should I have swapped out Italian Leather loafers for something with an insole lift and velcro straps? Should I have stood in a corner, rather than sticking my hand into those of random strangers and saved my business cards for a rainy day? Perhaps, I'll never know.

Perhaps I'll make up reasons and write about them later, which seems more likely.

Moral of this blog: It isn't easy being green.

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