Friday, April 18, 2008

Taylor, Chuck

Classic Chuck TaylorsOne of my favorite things to do is dress up. I dress up almost every single day - and by dress up I mean a collared shirt with cuff links, a sports coat, dress trousers and neck wear.

I love to wear black Chucks with what I have on. It is sort of a visual contradiction in style to add something so casual to something so dressy - but the mix actually works. The contrast is fun, and unexpected.

Mind you, the Chucks need to be in good shape. When you start to notice that they are looking grubby, it is time to wash the white rubber and bleach the shoelaces.

Another reason that I love to wear the shoes - they are classically stylish. The low top Chuck, or the "Oxford" was new to the Baby Boom Generation. Before this, only the high top was available. The high top was first introduced in 1917 by Converse. Basketball player Chuck Taylor loved them, and became their first real spokesperson for the shoes.

You know anything from the late 40's has to be good. Exept SPAM®. (but that was actually the late 30's!)

The nickname "Chucks" stuck after this, the shoes were his namesake.

And while the shoes are offered in other trendy colors, I love the classic black Oxfords. Mind you, I still love my Italian loafers, and my dozen or so other pairs of classic styled shoes, but these are close to being my favorites.

A few days ago, I wore a two piece, pin striped, khaki suit to work. With a deco bow tie and cuff links. And my Chucks. More people did a double take then I ever remember. Perhaps they were offended, perhaps they were noting the boyish charm I exuded. I may never know.

Moral of this blog: Chucks are hot.

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