Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pomade, Murray's

Murray's Pomade RocksI'm not going to lie to you. I worry about my hair not staying put.

I have tried every pomade on planet earth, and finally, I find this. And while I don't exactly look like the target market, pictured on the lid of the tin...according to their website, 20% of their market is made up of folks like me!

People who touch themselves when they think of Dan Kloeffler!

OK, not really. But I really do touch myself when I think of Dan Kloeffler. I just meant the ....oh,wait. You got what I meant.

This pomade would keep my faux hawk looking sexy in a wind storm. Which is very practical, given that my job often requires me to take breaks outside. AND I can brush it flat, and get that sexy, shiny, patent leather look Cary Grant made look so sexy.

And it smells good. I still have a nice supply of my other pomade that smells like orange sorbet on hand, but I think I'm gonna stick with Murray's for a while.

Moral of this blog: Why am I just finding out about this stuff now?

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