Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008, Goodbye

Good buy kittens!Another year has come and gone. For me, it is hard to believe that I've "done it" all by myself...and by that I mean I've proved quite a bit to myself this year.

Some of the other things I've learned this year:

a)It is super sad when your cat dies.
b)I enjoy quiet nights more than going out.
c)I want to date myself.
d)Special libraries are amazing. I was out the other day, at another kind of library, and nearly needed to be diagnosed as agoraphobic.
e)Packing and moving a library is NOT AS FUN as it looks in the movies.
f)That women should not wear Ugg boots. For any reason.
g)Good friends keep secrets.
h)It is challenging to meet with a donor who is giving money to the library in honor of a dead child.
i)Quality over quantity.
j)Singing at the top of my lungs in my car is cathartic.
k)Singing at the top of my lungs in the library when no one is here is fun.
l)Shelving is a necessity in the library, even if it doesn't "look aesthetic", Mr. Architect.
m)I wish I knew how to read Hebrew. (yeah yeah yeah, go ahead, call me a bad Jew). My cataloging life would be easier.
n)I'm in the right profession. If you realize this isn't for you, get the HELL OUT! It makes it tough for the rest of us. Yeah, the economy sucks, but don't make life hell for everyone because it is for you.
o)I appreciate bedtime.
p)I can step out of my comfort zones and not die.
q)People should not wear flip flops in the winter. For any reason.
r)Life does exist outside of the office....though this is tough right now.
s)I'm 32, and building my second library. This is awesome.
t)Ask for advice when you need it. Thank you Sarah M and Susan S. and Nedda A. and my old cataloging gals from the More Northern Library. Looking like you know how to do something is totally different than knowing how to do it.
u)Buy a lab jacket. Dress up everyday, but be protected!
v)Want and need are very clear to me now.
w)Good collections are well weeded.
x)Stay current in your field - thank you RSS feed!
y)Not using credit cards was tough. I'm a cash only boy now.
z)Update your blog or people leave nasty comments!

Overall, 2008 was good, not great. Unless you count the Obama thing, then it was great.

Stay tuned in '09. Building a new library and opening a museum are kind of sort of time consuming! I'll have lots of practical WDL style advice for you all.

Moral of this blog: Happy New Year!

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