Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Scientist, Library

Hot lab equipmentWith 2009 right around the corner, I have decided that I needed to redecorate a room in my house to make it "more WDL". Which would be the lucky room?

It was the bathroom.

The design is simple: Vintage Laboratory.


Don't question my aesthetics.

This means that I am using lots of graduated cylenders and test tubes to hold my bath products, laboratory quality containers for my cotton balls, and q-tips and bars of soap.

The white sear sucker shower curtain, with silver grommets is reminicent of a lab jacket.

The wall is decorated with a vintage framed print of a skeletal system diagram. I'm thinking that a diagram of the human eye might also be in order.

Toothbrushes in a graduated beaker! Mouthwash in a volumetric flask with a stopper! Gorgeous. Tylenol in specimin jars! hot. They aren't just for urine anymore! (specimin jars, not Tylenol..just to be clear!)

All of these things can be found at scientific surplus stores, and images can be blown up at Kinko's from old text books. Frames are a song at Target and other home interior stores.

All of these things are easy to wash, should they get slightly dirty...and best, I can see the contents of each container.

Moral of this blog: Experiment with your space in 2009!

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