Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alive, I'm

Super coy librarianWith Summer just around the corner, I have realized that my life has been the busiest it has ever been. Frankly, I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Since last I posted the library that I work in has opened. So has the museum that the library is contained within.

I have spent the last 26 weeks assisting the training of docents, volunteers, and working with other museum staff to get the place up and running.

I am proud to say that Elie Wiesel spoke, and was followed by our keynote speaker : former President Clinton.

I have learned so much about getting materials catalouged, prepared and shelved. About keeping a budget. About answering the most esoteric of reference questions. About linking electronic resources. About buying a library ladder (!!!)

But most of all, I have learned to be myself. I am really in the right place, at the right time in my life. I so badly wanted to come on here and write something filled with witty repartee, and biting double entendre - but find myself unable to do so - at this point.

Special libraries are indeed special. They serve such a specific public, yet really open the eyes of those who did not know about this topic - and are able to explore in deep detail.

Now that the flash bulbs and paparazzi have faded somewhat, I can start focusing on what I do best : explaining the world of library science.

Moral of this blog: special = hot

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