Friday, May 29, 2009

Tough Subjects, Dealing with

Super not hot. So, on a daily basis I deal with a really tough topic. Not only do I see people cry almost every single day, but often times I provide people with death dates of lost love ones, provide photographs of unspeakable acts, and verify quotes by Hitler.

I have been thinking about what other professions deal with tragedy every single day : ER Doctors, Funeral Home Directors, Insurance Agents. Seriously, not what I thought I was getting myself into when I went to Library SchoolTM.

I thought perhaps that I'd have a job that allowed me to dress in a suit and tie each day, with my black horned rimmed glasses (check and check) and each day the security guard would nod and say "Good Morning Mr. Sackel" (check) and I'd have hoards of well dressed old women coming to visit me and asking me to lunch (check). I guess the surprise comes in with the information I am able to provide access to. Even I'm surprised. I thought I knew lots about my subject, but it turns out, I am learning something new everyday - and figuring out ways to make this information more accessible to the public.

My new friend is technology. It's always been a friend, but now - more than ever, I am embracing it. It is fantastic to transmit video via FTP, provide links to amazing resources, linking PDF's right through the catalog, scanning and e-mailing information. It is amazing to have information sent to me from France in a matter of 15 seconds. I am proud of the I in my MLIS.

I know the I stands for Information, but I've always imagined it had something to do with technology. Maybe it doesn't, but shut up. I don't want to change my mind.

Plus, I look hot pushing "send".

And at the end of the day, isn't that all that really matters?

Moral of this blog: Technology is almost as hot as me.

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