Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ties, Short

Why does a librarian need to take a 2 year break? To bring back the short tie, of course. Apparently, a big knot and a short tie are quite controversial. People stop me.

"Did you tie your tie wrong?"
"Did you know your tie is short?"
"Is that a childs tie?"

And to answer them:

"No, it is just how I want it"
"Yes, I tied it this way, just this morning while I was getting dressed"
"No, it's a mens tie. From the mens department"

I do think its kind of everyone to notice my short tie. Actually, as much as I'd like to take all the credit for it, mens fashions of the 30's was actually responsible.

You see, men actually wore their trousers at their waists then. With braces. (or suspenders for you laypeople). If a tie were worn at the length we wear them today, it would have hung between their legs.

And as exciting as that language may sound, the resulting aesthetic would have been very unkind, and unflattering to the wearer.

I was actually inspired to wear a short tie for a few reasons. One, I love old movies. Second, I saw a waiter with a short tie. The restaurant has since folded, and I feel sure that no one will be able to connect me with said closed facility. And no, I wasn't the waiter.

It is a matter of shifting the material up, and creating the knot out of the thick of the tie. You tuck the long thin tail between the second and third button on your shirt. No one knows.

And then, of course, finish with the tie bar. It's an essential part of wearing a tie anyway. Long or short.

And while I don't usually advocate shunning length, in this case - I advise it. You'll feel like a stylish, yet naughty school boy.

Moral of this blog : size matters.


Ann Calvert said...

I would love to learn how to tie this way. Can you show me?

Ann Calvert said...

I would love to learn how to tie this way. Can you show me?